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So'secret is..

A private yoga & aerial studio.

A hidden gem in Langley BC, private yoga & aerial studio.

Nestled in the woods, raindrops and birds singing and you're in it.

It will be your secret healing place and a getaway.

Our Story

Hi. My name is So Hyun and welcome to my private & aerial yoga studio!

I am a passionate and experienced yoga practitioner of TODO: years,

I embarked on yoga during my most challenging times in life. Raising a child alone in this world can be a daunting task. But through yoga, I have built strong will power and determination, patience and wisdom to persevere and grow.

Now, it is my passion is to sincerely help others reap benefits from yoga like I have. Not just help them become stronger and more flexible but also work on the unseen such as determination, confidence, patience and so on.

I keep my classes small so that I can guide and interact with each participant until they have mastered each move. 

Through lots of love, support and hard work, I have grown from 1 member to TODO:100 members in just two years. I am truly grateful and continue to work hard to share the benefits of yoga with others.

Why Us?

Our classes are small. I can interact with each participant and guide them properly to master each move.

We provide aerial yoga. Aerial yoga is a fantastic way to TODO.

Our Clients

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