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Safety Plan To
communicable disease plan

C19 Safety Plan Sum


*Your health and safety are our highest priority, and we are prepared to walk the extra mile to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy.  Not only our cleaning policies strict, listed below are the new policies at Soerial

to ensure everyone's safety, and that our studio can continue to serve you. If you have something to suggest to elevate our safety plan, please send us an email or contact on the mobile app. We will continue to work on it and update policies as circumstances change, check back here to see the latest COVID-19 related information.


So Aerial and Yoga Studio COVID-19 Safety Plan and cleaning policies are up to the standards of Fraser Health. 



  • Masks are MANDATORY, bring and wear your mask at all times

  • Masks are not provided by the studio

  • No Sharing Mats

    • Please bring your own​ if have one (at least a beach towel)

    • if not, sanitize the mat with disinfectant wipes provided after use

  • Wear Socks! No Bare Foot please

  • You may remove your socks while training on your mat


How We Prepare Before Classes

  • Non contact temperature checks upon arrival, 

  • Class size reduced *Aerial: max. 8/class *Yoga: max.10/class 

  • 55 mins class, more time to clean

  • Sanitize all shared surfaces with hospital grade sanitizer between each class - Floors, hallways, stairwells, washroom sink etc

  • Sanitize frequently touched surfaces before each class - door nobs, switches, hand washing station, faucets, etc

  • Touchless soap and sanitizer dispensers are provided

  • Back door remains open during classes

  • Vacuum and sanitize all floors daily

  • Employee wears mask at all times

  • No hands on corrections

  • Aerial hammocks sanitized after each class

  • You may rent your own aerial hammock, ask Sohyun for details.

How You Prepare Before Classes

  • Book / pre-register your session by

    • download [mobile app] 

    • visiting our website [BOOK NOW]​

    • calling or text studio 604.440.5353 [CALL NOW]

  • Check for COVID-19 or flu like symptoms everyday [SYMPTOMS]

  • STAY HOME if your are SICK and reschedule or cancel class

  • Bring own yoga mat, mask, socks and water

  • Come light as possible in your training gear

  • Arrive no more than 5 min before the class

When You Arrive

  1. Stay in your vehicle, wear mask, socks and wait for us to let you in. The door opens 5 mins prior to class

  2. Leave your jacket and belongings in your vehicle

  3. Contactless temperature check upon entering

  4. Sanitize hands at the sanitizing station at the door

  5. Check to see for the updated protocols 

  6. Keep right while walking on the hallways, stairs

  7. Place your mat under your hammock or within yellow square

  8. You may remove your mask and socks on your mat

  9. Using the washroom is prohibited unless urgent

  10. No socializing in the studio before and after your class please

UPDated terms

Important updated terms & conditions

[Effective 01 April 2021]

Updated Terms



  • Contract memberships are NOT Available temporarily

  • Class passes and packages are available for purchase

  • Purchase of class passes or packages are;

    • Not shareable and not auto renewing​

    • Not guaranteed to stay the same and subject to change

    • Non-transferable and non-refundable

  • Some packages are shareable with family members

  • Click to view available package options

  • ​당분간 컨트랙 회원권은 등록이 불가합니다

  • 클라스패스 또는 패키지 구입가능

  • 구입하신 클라스패스 또는 패키지는;

    • 타인과 쉐어할 수 없으며 자동으로 연장되지 않음

    • 변경, 변동이 있을 수 있습니다.

    • 타인에게 양도 또는 환불 불가하나

  • 가족간 쉐어 가능한  패키지 추가

  • ​[패키지 리스트 보러가기]

Membership terms


예약, 변경 및 취소

  • Must pre-register to ensure your spot

  • You may book your sessions ahead depending on your package

  • Some packages are sharable with your family members

  • No limit of numbers for rescheduling and cancellation within expiry date.

  • Late cancellation and no-show will be charged

  • 사전예약은 필수. 모바일앱 또는 웹사이트 이용권장​

  • 보유하신 패키지에 따라 여러개의 수업 사전예약 가능

  • 가족간 쉐어 가능한 패키지 추가 하였습니다. 

  • 16살 미만 자녀의 예약은 보호자께서 하셔야 합니다

  • 보유중인 패키지 사용기한 내 예약변경 및 취소는 횟수제한 없이 가능

  • Late cancellation, no-show는 패널티가 적용됩니다. 

Schedule & Booking


​노쇼 패널티

  • Cancellation and rescheduling are allowed and flexible but must be made by within at least four (4) hours before the scheduled class.

  • If failed to cancel or reschedule in time will be considered as "Late Cancellation" which considered as "No-show".

  • All Late Cancellation and No-show members will be charged a class pass.

  • 예약변경, 취소는 예약하신 수업 시작 최소 4시간 전 까지만 허용 가능합니다.

  • 시간 내 미취소 또는 미변경은 Late Cancel로 간주되며, Late Cancel은 No-show로 간주되어 No-show 패널티가 적용되어 보유하신 회수권 1장이 차감됩니다.


​수강료 & 패키지




CAD $20

Not Sharable


CAD $160

Four-month Expiry

Not Sharable



CAD $470

Eight-month expiry

Sharable between 

max.3 family members

All packages are;

  • Non-transferable,

  • Non-refundable


All shareable packages are;


  • Only shareable between

  • max.3 direct family members





CAD $25

Not Sharable


CAD $200

Four-month Expiry

Not Sharable



CAD $580

Ten-month expiry

Sharable between 

max.3 family members

Ten-month expiry

Sharable between 

max.3 family members

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